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Ads Dental Lab Co., Ltd was established in 2004. We are a family owned group of dental laboratories, providing you with a full range of services, including ceramics/crown & bridge, removable full and partial dentures, combination fixed with removable rehabilitation, fixed and removable implant prosthetics, snoring/sleep apnea appliances, and bruxism/occlusal splints.

Our Mission

Over last few years developing, a full-service lab, has been in serving to meet your outsourcing demands for Quality & Economical Dental Restorations. We are not the biggest but the best and most experienced. Don’t miss us when you are in need of Outsourcing. To accomplish our mission, we combine state of the art technology and production techniques with an experienced staff of technicians. Contact us now, and allow ADS Dental Technology the opportunity to exceed your expectations as long-terms Outsourcing lab cooperator!